It’s easy to get caught up, this time of year, in the “X Days of Shopping Left Until the BIG DAY!”.

While you’re out there, picking up the items to make your holiday as special as you and your family, friends, neighbors could dream it to be, please remember that there is always someone less fortunate who could use even the slightest bit of your kindness and care.

So this holiday season the team here at SlashDraw would like to ask that you find someone, ANYONE that looks like they could use whatever you may have a little extra of…and share it. A smile, a nickel, a blanket, an extra gift, a meal, anything.

We ALL have a little extra of SOMETHING we can spare – please find that someone who doesn’t and make both your holidays a bit brighter.

Thanks to you all for another great year of supporting us here at SlashDraw.

Give. Get. Repeat.