Okay – after a long and heated debate yesterday we at the SlashDraw.com offices retired for libations for the evening.  That didn’t help either.  The topic:  What is Santa Claus’ condition at dawn on December 26th.

Our office is completely split:  One side contending that because he is magical that Santa doesn’t need sleep, but rather is just a fat cookie-powered beast covered in wool that can pull non-stop all-niters at his choosing.  Frankly, this concept scares the hell out me…I’ve seen this tried by folks in similar physical condition to Santa while in Vegas, and let’s just say that usually it appears their cookie power must have run out mid-stride to the keno tables because their usually face down in an ashtray or something.  But I digress.

The other side of the office contends that, with all due respect to the big man’s magical powers and cookie-lust, that he’s still a dude that’s been in air for a full day of chimney diving and that has to be exhausting.  Look, next time your on a long flight take a look at the condition of the people around you getting off the plane…they look like the guy at the end of Clockwork Orange!  Imagine if they had something to do beyond bother you while you’re trying to sleep and eat your Biscoff cookie – they’d never make Greenland on the present run!

So…before we could land on agreement it was closing time – so the side of the office with the drawing skills made the call.  Santa is dog-tired, borderline strung-out by the time he lands.

We’ve plastered him up on the homepage as our version of decorating for the Holidays…enjoy!